College Hill Church

1179 College Hill Rd. 
Waco, KY 40385
Phone: 859-369-3174

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Sunday School: 10:00 AM
Sunday Worship: 11:00 AM
Sunday Night Youth: 5:30 PM

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College Hill History Resources

This page contains resources for compiling and preserving the history of College Hill United Methodist Church and our general area.  You may use the links below to download the copied documents. You may use our  contact us page to let us know about resources you would like to share or think should be included on this page.

Note: When you click on the links below, the "pdf" formatted document will be downloaded to the the download folder on your computer. 
History of College Hill UMC by Ethel Payne
History of Jonas S. Griggs
Articles by Robert N. Grise
A Brief History of Unknown Source
College Hill UMC Photo

Click on this link to view a digital copy of "Old Cane Springs"